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NPA Update: December Meeting, Drones, Mining Act News, and the Auditor General’s Report

This month’s NPA meeting held on December 3, 2015, was special due to both the attendance by Kirkland Lake mayor Tony Antoniazzi, and a presentation by Dan Larocque and Norm Hawriko on the application of drones to the exploration industry. Additionally, steps were taken to improve the online presence of the NPA to ensure timely dissemination of information, as well as better convey the NPA message to both members and the public. Members brought to the attention of the meeting that the new Mining Act had its first reading, and the recent release of the Auditor General’s report. Click to Read More

North Country Aerial: Drone/UAV Site Surveys

Dan Larocque, a photogrammecist and certified UAV pilot, and Norm Hawriko presented work completed by North Country Aerial in the use of UAVs/drones for projects in Northern Ontario. Several case studies highlighted the applications of a high resolution camera fitted drone, as well as regulations on its use for projects in Northern Ontario. Results of previous projects to date showcased the creation of high resolution base maps created from the stitching together of hundreds of images to sub-meter accuracy. Elevation models including tree cover can be created through processing of field data are also possible using the surveys on offer by North Country Aerial. The 3D models include both the tree cover and elevation allowing for the creation of very realistic depictions of the survey area, as well as the isolation of the ground surface by removing tree coverage from the model. <<>>.

NPA Online Presence

The NPA discussed further steps towards building its digital presence to better communicate its purpose to the public. To this end, slightly modified minutes from the October and November monthly meetings are available online now. Inquiries about the meeting minutes can be directed to the NPA secretary, Jason Ploeger, at the email address Additionally, the NPA constitution has been posted on the website, which outlines the purpose and tenets of the organization.
An NPA director has also tabled an amendment which would allow for motions to be brought to the attention of members of the NPA outside of the setting of the meetings. Similar resolutions by the Porcupine Prospectors and Developers Association and the Northwestern Ontario Prospectors Association have been adopted to allow for timely tabling of resolutions in the fast-paced regulatory environment. This motion seeks to use digital communication as a means to achieve the faster tabling and adoption of resolutions by the NPA.

Link to Sample Resolutions Coming Soon!

Any inquiries about the website or adding content can be sent to:

Mining Act News

The new Mining Act has passed its first reading in parliament, and members brought grievances about the complexity and length of text in the new document. Develops with the modernization of the Mining Act are being followed by members to try to determine the effects on prospectors in Ontario. A copy of the first reading is available here:

New Mining Act First Reading Text (PDF)

Auditor General’s Report

The Auditor General’s report for Ontario was recently released, and one section pertains to auditing of the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines. The report summarizes general trends in royalty receipts of the government, exploration expenditures, while also addressing the Ministry’s performance. The perspective of Auditor General is broad, covering issues from expenditure reports from prospectors and juniors to problems associated with mine closure plans <<>>.

The Auditor General’s Report Text (PDF).

The Mines and Minerals Section (Section 3.11) is pages 434 to 471, and unfortunately could not be produced separately as the document is protected (PDF).

The report shows a decrease in mineral exploration activity since 2011, with estimated expenditures being estimated at 507 MM. A similar decrease in staking of mineral claims occurred, reaching an eight year low of 235,000 active claims. The rate of cancellation remained relatively consistent from the year before indicating the trend is continuing.
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