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First Nations

Several First Nations Reserves are within and around the Larder Lake Mining division. Claim holders within the Larder Lake mining division must ensure that mineral exploration and development activities not impact impact First Nations treaty or aboriginal rights through consultation with affected First Nation groups. MNDM has information regarding the First Nations affected for a given mining claim, and it is recommended that you contact MNDM if you are unsure about your claims. Below is relevant contact information, and the map provides a general overview of First Nation Reserves, as well as the approximately stated area of the Wabun Tribal Council, a major agent for First Nations in the Larder Lake Mining Division. Their area of influence is taken from a 'Display Purposes Only' map published by the Wabun Tribal Council.

Mattagami First Nation

Learn about the Mattagami First Nation as well as contact information.

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Contact Information

Wahgoshig First Nation

Learn about the Wahgoshig First Nation as well as contact information.

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Contact Information

Timiskaming First Nation

Information about Timiskaming First Nation as well as contact information.

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Contact Information

Temagami First Nations

Information about the Temagami First Nation and contact information.

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Beaverhouse Village

Beaverhouse village does not appear to have a website. However, they are available by phone: 705-567-2022.

Matachewan First Nations

Learn more about the Matachewan First Nation Reserve, located just the East of Matachewan Ontario.

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Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM)

Exploration Plans and Permits

As part of the mineral development strategy of MNDM, exploration plans and permits are a way to both notify the public and First Nations of proposed mining and exploration activities, as well as ensuring the mitigation of impacts on the environmental and First Nation’s treaty rights.

Preliminary exploration work consisting of line cutting, limited trenching/stripping/pitting/ and winkie drilling require the filing of an exploration plans, which includes consultation and dialogue with First Nations who’s treaty rights are impacted by the proposed activities.

Information about Exploration Plans

More advanced exploration such as geophysical surveys requiring a generator, larger drill setups, and larger trenching/pitting/blasting require an exploration permit as well as more consultation with affected First Nation parties.

Information about Exploration Permits

Information about exploration plans and permit applications that have been filed, as well as more advanced stage exploration and mining permits can be found on the Environmental Registry.

Portal to Environmental Registry

Filing an exploration plan/permit, as well as renewing a prospector’s license requires the completion of the online Mining Act Awareness Program (MAAP). After its completion, you will receive a unique reference number indicating your successful compeletion of the online course.

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Mineral Development Strategy

The creation of the new Mining Act was a change in direction to including more public and First Nation awareness about mining and exploration activities. The MNDM mineral development strategy is a continuously evolving framework to meet the purpose and goals of the new Mining Act.

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Mining Claim Information

The MNDM provides information about individual mining claims, as well as a way to view the location of mining claims on a map relative to regional features, roads, topography, land use type, and restrictions.

Mining Claim Information

Claim Maps Application

Also note that GIS data for majority of the layers on the claim maps application are also available for download in the link above for the Claim Maps online application.

Mineral Claim Forms

This link provides access to claim staking, assessment filing, lease applications, claims transfers, and other forms to do with mining claim tenure and filing of assessment work.

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Additionally, assessment work can be filed online via the Electronic Assessment System (EAS) at the following link:

File Assessment Work Online